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It brings together institutions from around the world engaged to promote integrity, transparency and ethics of public officials.

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Brief #9 August 2017

09 / 19 / 2017

International Monetary Fund On 2 August, the IMF published a policy paper on the policy to be led by the organization in supporting good governance goals and projects, while assessing the implementation and updating its 1997 guidelines. This publication highlights the importance of a new multifaceted approach to its...

230 Corruption-Causing Factors Removed from New and Amendment Bills

08 / 17 / 2017

With regards to law on recognizing a military person died of disaster while performing public duty and law on recognizing humidifier disinfectant damages, recommendations for improvement were issued to...

Funding of political parties in Ukraine: the fight against political corruption is gaining high turns

08 / 16 / 2017

Support party construction in Ukraine and prevent corruption. Limit the influence on party activities of private individuals and prevent the “privatization” of parties by large companies. Eliminate buying oligarchs and...

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RT @civtransparence: 2/3 #civtransparenc Au titre de la Haute Autorité pour la bonne gouvernance, Monsieur N’Golo Fatogoma COULIBALY est no…
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?#MustRead #SouthKorea @loveacrc (member of @work4integrity ) disclosed its #corruption impact assessment read on →…
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#VendrediLecture #Corée @loveacrc (membre @workforintegrity) publie les résultats de ses études d'impact…
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#Ukraine la lutte c/ la #corruption politique gagne du terrain grâce au travail de @NAZK_gov membre @work4integrity
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#Ukraine the fight against political #corruption is gaining high turns w/ work of @NAZK_gov member @work4integrity
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Network for integrity has an international dimension. It brings together institutions that share common values and missions related to transparency, ethics and integrity of public officials.

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