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It brings together institutions from around the world engaged to promote integrity, transparency and ethics of public officials.

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NAСP: The work of the Electronic Declaration Registry has expanded a lot the instruments of counteraction and prevention of corruption

10 / 26 / 2017

One of the most effective methods on corruption prevention in the public sphere is the strengthening of financial and other control measures for persons authorized to perform state and...

Brief #10 September 2017

10 / 25 / 2017

International Monetary Fund On 18 September, Christine Lagarde, General Director of the International Monetary Fund, called for a better analysis and measure of corruption. The economic impact of bribes paid each year represent about 2% of the global growth direct product. « New methodologies are needed to better quantify and...

First results of the PREVENT system of the ANI

10 / 04 / 2017

In order to prevent conflicts of interests, between June – September 2017, the National Integrity Agency has analyzed through the PREVENT IT system, a number of 2995 public procurement procedures with a total amount of 6,1 billion LEI (approx. 1,3 billion Euros). In this regard, PREVENT issued three integrity...

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RT @HATVP: Aujourd’hui à Lisbonne, la @HATVP rejoint l’#EPAC, le réseau des partenaires européens contre la #Corruption qui réunit plus de…
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RT @HATVP: Today in Lisbon, @HATVP joins #EPAC - European Partners against #Corruption - network bringing together more than 60 anti-corrup…
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RT @civtransparence: 24-10-2017 l’Agence Américaine d’aide au Développement (USAID) et la Haute Autorité pour la Bonne Gouvernance souhaite…
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#Ukraine @NAZK_gov La déclaration électronique, un outil puissant pour prévenir et combattre la #corruption →…
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#Ukraine @NAZK_gov Electronic declaration is a powerful tool for preventing and combating #corruption →…
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Network for integrity has an international dimension. It brings together institutions that share common values and missions related to transparency, ethics and integrity of public officials.

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